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Everybody has
a story to share

and this is my story

Hi,   I’m Eile Goh

Pronounced as “Ee-lay”, like elated without the “ted”

Welcome to my page, and I hope to bring a little joy to you today. While there are millions of posts published in a day, why do I still even bother to do this ?! It was with the encouragement from loved ones and coming to terms that instead of bitching about what the world out there is becoming, I can make a change! I hope to be a reservoir of joy, and I want to start letting the positive vibes ripple out to everyone!

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“Once you learn how to die,
You learn how to live.”

– Morrie Schwartz

I wrote this book in hope of guiding readers to have an open honest conversation about Death, which has traditionally been viewed as a taboo topic in Asian culture.

We know for a fact, that death is inevitable. It is merely a matter of when, how and why. Too often, death hits us when we are least prepared for it and we leave everything behind in a tangles mess. Our finances fall into a muddle, our loved ones’ emptions fall into great grief and turmoil, leaving their future in total chaos.

When we fail to plan for our death, we leave room for life to be a mess.

Through this book, I look forward to walking readers alongside the journey of proper planning for death and to create a life worth living for yourself and your loved ones.

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The world of Eile

Wishing you a
rich life – in every way

Eile Goh

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