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Hello there!

My name is Eile Goh (pronounced as “Ee-lay”, like elated without the “ted”). Welcome to my page, and I hope to bring you some good cheer today.

What started as a blog from an influencer wannabe to what it is now, we have come a long way. Whatever you are seeing is the manifestation of love andencouragement from loved ones. I have also come to terms that instead of bitching about what the world out there is becoming; I have decided to take action. I hope to be an agent of change, a reservoir of joy, and I want to start letting the positive vibes ripple out to everyone!

This “about me” page is such an exciting start as it brought me to a journey to ask around and also look within. Who am I?!

Without sounding like I am having a mid-life crisis,I asked everyone for 3 words of what comes to their mind when they thought of me.

Eile Goh

Master Financial Consultant

Representing Prudential Assurance Company Singapore


Big sigh of relief! We all need that assurance sometimes but honestly, I have never been more comfortable in my own skin. They say this stems from a place of abundance and maybe that is why my sign off is always “Wishing you a rich life – in every way”.

For many, I am that person that you see to review those financial planning needs. After almost two decades in the financial services industry, besides achieving several key milestones, the crowning achievements I cherish the most are the compliments and appreciation from my clients.

It has always been my philosophy to work my profession the right way and build happy relationships. More importantly, I want to empower women to live rich and fulfilling lives.

As a Buddhist, I spend my free time in temple services among worshipers; practicing the goodness of my faith and being life-giving to the people I meet every day both socially and professionally. I hope to continue being a person who will bring good cheer and protect as many families as I can for as long as I can.

For some, I am that woman on social media doing lots of content, from FB live cooking shows to funny YouTube videos and talking about life like I have known you since forever in my IG stories.

It all boils down that there is truly no fixed ME and we all have that different persona that we show to different people isn’t it? The closer ones get the “best” of us (my husband will be shouting yeah right?! ). Trust me, I am not perfect, and I am just human. I am still on that journey (to be better) as well. While we are all at it, let’s keep each other company here, shall we?

Let’s all start throwing confetti of joy and positive vibes all around – the following links is where you will find me sharing my thoughts, lessons that I have learnt from people that I see and it is all in the name of sharing is caring! Thanks to the contacts I have built over the years, you can look forward to some new insights and content that I sincerely hope can inspire and empower you!

Hang out with me for a bit! I am all about building a community and loving all of the people I get to splash around with. And I would love for you to join me.


A mission to help people live their best lives has multi-hyphenate Eile Goh prescribing it the Stephen Covey way – “Begin with the end in mind” – literally

When Eile Goh read “The 7 Habits of Effective People” – the bestselling classic by Stephen Covey – the concept “Begin with the end in mind” stuck. Eile found her calling in helping people live their best lives by sorting out their end-of-life issues with one meaningful conversation at a time. And next, by connecting them with her love for food.

Eile, 40, is a Master Financial Consultant at Prudential Assurance Company Singapore and the edu-preneur author of “Hey! Wake Up Already”, a practical book on end-of-life matters. She is the Founder of Daaamn Good Pte Ltd, helping people live their best lives with meaningful collaborations and her unique H.E.A.R.T Selling approach. Eile is the creator of the Aha! Project, a full-day workshop designed to provide financial consultants with Aha! moments towards achieving work fulfilment and rewarding client relationships.

Apart from this, Eile is the passionate food content creator behind the Instagram channel @heyjiaksimi. The larger-than-life personality has hosted various live shows, food and lifestyle events for Singapore Home Cooks at Singapore Food Expo, #ARecipeForChange by Ecosperity, and Cooking with RedMart. Eile was a guest on Mediacorp’s culinary gameshow King of Culinary 三把刀 and the infotainment programme Great World 欢喜大世界. She has been featured in online advertisements for Sadia chicken, Swanz porcelain household products, food manufacturer and retailer Foodyo and Hup Chong meat products.


Growing up as the eldest child in a middle-income family, finances were often tight and meals out were a luxury. Good grades were rewarded with food, and exceptional grades called for a family outing to KFC or Pizza Hut. The family lived in a four-room flat on the ground floor in Serangoon together with her grandparents. Her grandfather, affectionately called “Ah Gong”, was the silent hero who held the family together.

While the parents worked, the grandparents looked after the children. Eile’s favourite moment was coming home from school, plopping her schoolbag down and asking  “Ah Gong, Jiak Simi?” (“What are we eating, Grandpa?”), and laughter would accompany the delicious aroma of dishes Ah Gong had loving cooked.

Ah Gong was a steely man of a few words – with his immaculate Brylcreem-slicked hair and Lucky Strike cigarettes. He lost an arm in a work accident while carrying rice as a coolie in the 1960s. But that did not stop him from doing the marketing, taking care of the little ones and cooking all the meals.

Food is the Asian way of showing love and Ah Gong was no exception. He was a great cook, well-known for his handmade Ngoh Hiang (fried meat rolls), Cabbage Rice and braised dishes. His forte was making laksa and curry from scratch. Ah Gong was also the ‘green fingers’ of the family – even abandoned plants flourished under his care, providing an endless supply of curry leaves and chillies.

In turn, Ah Gong inspired Eile’s love for cooking and many of the recipes behind @heyjiaksimi’s heritage dishes. The @heyjiaksimi channel was conceived during the Covid pandemic lockdown in 2020, where Eile spent her time cooking up a storm to recreate Ah Gong’s comfort food – from his must-have pork lard cubes, fried eggs and Ngoh Hiang, to her grandmother’s signature handmade mee hoon kueh (hand-torn noodles).

Since then, @heyJiakSimi has evolved to share cooking tips, connect with local F&B start-ups and home-based businesses in food review videos by her professional videographer husband. Going a step further to support these homegrown food businesses, she sponsors meals for charities during her birthday month by ordering from them. Eile also orders local favourites like Pandan cake and muah chee (glutinous rice cakes) as gifts for clients during festive occasions. In addition, she manages a Telegram channel to coordinate group buys from these businesses.


One of Eile’s biggest regrets are the unspoken conversations she wished she had with Ah Gong. The family experienced much upheaval with Ah Gong’s demise in 2011 after a long struggle with kidney failure. Ah Gong had kept his condition hidden and refused dialysis, choosing alternative treatment to alleviate the burden on the family.

It was the first death in the family – he was 80 and she was 29 – and no one knew what to do. As the eldest grandchild – and Ah Gong’s closest grandchild – it fell upon her to handle his passing – from the mortuary identification, death certificate application, to the funeral preparations. With five children and not much left behind, the division of the five-figure funeral expenses was a fractious task.

This episode made Eile determined to ensure that people were well-prepared for the unexpected – from ensuring adequate insurance coverage for medical conditions, to planning ahead for various life stages, and right down to end-of-life matters.

In her 19-year career as a financial planner since 2003, Eile has journeyed along with over 1,000 clients, sharing both joys and sorrows with them and their families. Even now Eile’s passion is constantly refuelled by the claims she processes, as “having that money in hand would provide assurance and comfort to know your medical bills are taken care of.”

Having undergone four major surgeries at 40, Eile knows exactly how that feels. She discovered she has endometriosis in her 20s, where the first surgery removed a series of eight fibroids and left her feeling anxious about the likelihood of ovarian cancer. After two more surgeries, she made the heart-breaking decision to remove her uterus. However, about two years later, doctors found another cyst and performed keyhole surgery. As insurance covered the surgeries, Eile realised the importance of proper planning to ensure unexpected health needs ahead would be taken care of.


Along with her philosophy of “living life backwards”, Eile published “Hey! Wake Up Already!”, meant as an honest, practical and easy-to-understand book on end-of-life matters. Initially planned as a gift to clients, the conversational book provides a structured approach for training workshops, to guide other financial consultants in their end-of-life planning know-how.

The aftermath of Ah Gong’s passing made Eile resolve to lessen the stress with a straightforward guide. “We often live like we have forever but we don’t. We can plan for many things in life, and our passing should be one of them. Death is a taboo subject in many cultures, but when we embrace this as part and parcel of life, it forces you to live passionately”, shared Eile.

Morrie Schwartz best sums this up with, “Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.” Eile wants us to live – a rich life, in every way.

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Thanks! I really appreciate you stopping by and hanging with me! Let me know how I can return the favour someday…

Wishing you a
rich life – in every way

Eile Goh

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