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Typical day of Eile

Started this section with the intention to involve the people I get to see every day and give you a little taste of what goes on in the different professions. While the exterior always seems like glitz and glamour to some, there are many lessons we can learn from each other.

With so many things happening day in, day out, it is easy not to have the patience to deal with things. I hope that with this little section, it sheds light on everyone and from there, we get to learn something out of it and show a bit more love and appreciation as we move along every day.

Allow me to be the first to kick start this section. Being someone who has been in the business since 2003, it is indeed easy to take for granted the many things that we have access to vs to some 15 years ago. Following will be a run on how my day goes, and it can perhaps give you an insight into what and how we do it.

A Typical day of  a Master Financial Consultant

Monday are for better weeks ahead! No Monday blues allowed!

  • Wake up,  exercise,  coffee & read online news
  • Wash up, make social media postings and head to the office
  • Paperwork time (do whatever necessary and pass to the secretary for processing)
  • Make appointments for the following week or weeks ( With the power of Whatsapp Web and pre-prepared material)
  • Lunch in with a TED talk
  • Continue with scheduling and have a coffee at 3 pm
  • When it is the last week of the Month, other activity includes newsletter drafting and compiling contacts into Google Contacts and not forgetting the Birthday messages for the upcoming months
  • The evening is currently dedicated to a TESOL Diploma class that I am taking (every year, I will do something new for learning with the side agenda of networking)

Tuesdays to Fridays

  • If there are no appointments, I will make time to work out, and the following will happen.
  • If not, it will be 10 am, 12 pm, 3 pm and 6 pm appointments to follow. Sometimes, there are 8 pm appointments too!
  • Every now and then, there are also trainings that will take up the slots.
  • The mode of transport is often a Grab car or Taxi as I get to check the past week’s schedule and then follow up with the people met to pick up where we left off. MRTs and Buses do happen when I have a little more in between time. It does help a lot when my Dad is a taxi driver especially when I have to go to a few places to drop or pick up documents.
  • Every Thursday is for Volunteering where I pledged to help my temple community with whatever I can. After lunch, I try not to take in appointments unless there is entirely no other alternatives for the client. The evening will then be for Dharma classes, i.e. spiritual nourishment to keep me sane.
  • There will also be the husband’s off day where I will not take in evening appointments to spend some family time.

Weekends & Public Holidays

  • Currently, TESOL takes up Saturday mornings, and lunch with the besties will happen.
  • Appointments will start from 3 pm, and sometimes, it flows through to Sunday (especially pre and post travelling)
  • I do take some Sundays off to rest, catch up with family and also to prepare for the week. Preparation includes doing up portfolio summaries and prep the papers for Monday’s submissions.
  • Public Holidays are the busiest as clients are more relaxed and have more time to meet and discuss. With that, it is always back to back day running all around islandwide.

So, here it is, this sums up my day to day life for the past 15 years, and I hope it gives you a new perspective. All in the name of sharing is caring. Hope that the sharing of how I structure my day can help a fellow salesperson or even a friend who may not understand how we roll. Shout out if you would like to share what your typical day looks like. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!