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The typical day of a makeup artist

Say hello to my best friend TG Goh! It was with my best intentions that I want to kick this movement off with a lot of fun! This was actually one of the first interviews when I decided on this section.

TG is a leading makeup master with 23 years of experience, and he has worked with International Celebrities(Gong-Li, Michelle Yeoh), Supermodels(Lily Cole, Coco Rocha) and many Local Artistes (Mark Lee, Vivian Lai). With his works extending from editorial cover pages to bridals, workshops, advertisements and more, I am sure you might have seen his work before. 

We have known each other for 15 years, and he is the one who did my wedding alongside with my 2 other bff makeup artists. It was one totally glamourous moment for me and even before that until now, he is the one who will keep me in check for being on pointe. We even got some friends together and did an in-depth workshop! What an amazing journey on this thing that we do day in and day out?!  Without further ado, here’s our exclusive interview with the topic The Glow from within!

Me: What is beauty to you?

TG: Beauty, to me is about loving yourself first. The ability to exude that glow and sharing it with others physically and internally. As a makeup artist, it is to help one see the physical aspect and allow that external to go inwards and make them glow. If you do not see yourself as beautiful, you will never be.

Me: Over so many years,  have you had the worst “monster” client?

TG: Never. A monster client is only a monster in your own mind (when you allow the beast to come out). Similarly, if you see all things as beautiful, there is no monster. People are either stressed, perfectionists or have low self-esteem. If we put ourselves in their shoes, we will be able to deal with them, and when you can do that, you have a client for life. They also know that they are not easy to deal with.  It is all about bringing out the beauty in people.

Me: Any advice to all the girls out there?

TG:  Be beautiful and glow from within. The latest trend will always be the ability to walk out with confidence. Doll up to please yourself. It is all about positivity and from your body language, one can see it through too. We need to exude love and while there is fear from all angles, never allow stress to overcome you. Be YOU!

After this interview, it sparked off a brilliant idea for an event to benefit all my girlfriends! Look out for my upcoming One Minute with Eile Goh newsletter in August and find out more. Till then, remember to glow from within!