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#SelfLoveClub Part 6

With the recent news of celebrity suicides, I can’t help but think, how many more unreported news is out there. I also start to think, what if there was a timely call placed to a friend or something that could have reminded them that this human life is so precious.

Writing these notes is perhaps one small way of me paying it forward and sharing with you a little of what I do. I do have those days too. I am human, and I understand. As I read and write, I learn, and I hope that it can help take off that weight from you. Here’s to many more “self-love club sessions” together!

1. Do one thing at a time
I am guilty of doing too many things at one go and more often than not, while you are on that phone speaking to someone and writing that email to another, there are things that might be missed out. I am committing to snap out of this vicious cycle as we speak because it is truly unhealthy. Time to release ourselves!

2. Understand that all things come and go
It applies to ALL things. The word Impermanence is inked on my right wrist to remind myself of this valuable lesson by the Buddha. But more often than not, when things happen, we still get affected. It is ok; we need to fall back on reminders like these, take a deep breath and then remember to take a shorter turn around time. Before you know it, you will be invincible.

3. Do not avoid or deny emotions
Talk it out, spit it all over. No need to act like it doesn’t matter, The best part of my work is that I get to meet people every day and when things are troubling me, I get to talk about it. Purging it out will make you will feel better.  I have even cried in front of my clients and if these don’t work for you, try to write it down (sending it out to the person is optional). Trial, tested and proven to work (at least for me, all the time).

4. Laugh at yourself
There is no need to act all macho and invincible. You can see this all over my insta-story. I am silly, and I am not shy about it. Why are we always so bothered about other’s opinions of us? I know this is easier said than done but can you imagine how liberated you will be if we can be free of that?

5. Challenge existing beliefs
I always wonder, the Eile that you see and the Eile that I see, is it the same? In short, there are so many perspectives and perceptions for everything, so why be so hard on ourselves to always stick to some things?  I am not asking you to go nude and protest but go deep in you and clear these all up. When faced with challenges, maybe it is time for us to go softer. I am also not saying that we should not have beliefs, I am saying, we can be more accepting.   

6. Have reading materials handy all the time
When faced with a couple of sleepless nights some days ago, I got up, flipped one of those little His Holiness Dalai Lama books, and it set me straight immediately. There are apps, quotes and reading material everywhere. Keep them handy and flip away. It works all the time.

7. Compliment someone
I was out for appointment the other day (while I was dark and gloomy inside), the server at the restaurant had the most glorious smile. I complimented her, and that made me smile too. 2 smiles: Bad Mood 0.

8. Open your curtains and windows
Scientifically and feng shui proven to help drive those dull energy out. Try it!

9. Avoid negative media sites
While there are many keyboard warriors out there, you need not join in and get transmitted any negative energy at all.

10. Write a good review online for a business
All because we do too little of this. I often send them out and congratulate the company because everyone deserves that pat on the back!

We are at half a dozen today! More to follow. Till the next one dear friends. Love you!