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#SelfLoveClub Part 3

As much as I wish that these tips help in one way or another, it is seriously serving me as reminders and affirmations. I am just so thankful that there is this platform to share and hopefully just that one tip can turn your day around when it is a little dull. I apologise for the delayed telecast, work has been hectic. While I am writing here once again, it is reminding me how much I love it. Self-love your way to a more put-together person and make life more seamless and less chaotic shall we? Welcome to the club once again!

1. Buy some fresh flowers for yourself
There is something magical about flowers, and they always make me feel oh-so-pretty. The lesson on impermanence is something that it never fails to bring and always remember that we need not wait for someone else to gift flowers to us. We are big girls who can kick ass, and we can get stuff for ourselves!

Due to some Feng Shui intervention this year, I am supposed to have red roses on my ledge, and I think it will be one of my favourite things to do and a habit to keep always. I have been visiting the cold room at Far East Floral off Thomson every Saturday after school, and it has been a pretty fun experience. Try it one of these days and tell me how you feel when you wake up and have that bloom greeting you Good Morning. 

2. Wear your favourite perfume
Chanel Allure (Eau de Parfum) is my jam, and people have told me that they can even smell me even before I reach the room.  Sorry to the sensitive nosed ones but a sexy scent always makes me feel extra fabulous and trust me, people remember.  Beauty is an overall sensory experience, so please do not neglect this department.

P.s: Do not save your perfume only for that “special” day, every day is a celebration! 

3. Stretch
Even TCM says that this is the way to a long life. I was mind blown when I attended a stretch yoga class and ever since then, I go all around looking for it. It is a relaxing self-therapy in itself and combined with meditation; I walk a little taller every time after class. Nythia Priyan School of Yoga is one that I frequent. Check them out at –

4. Take your vitamins
We are not invincible, and I am not looking for some magic pills to give me eternal life.  I started only a couple of years back after my fibroid operation, and ever since then, things just got better. Just look at me and how I work every day. I need not tell you more about what to do.

5. Get a massage
It was in frantic prance of trying to get someone to fix my sagging boobs when I first lost the weight when I found my lymphatic massage therapist. It is now a weekly affair, and this is why I don’t look like a deflated balloon after losing that 15 kg. Besides that, you know that it is beneficial to get that blood circulation going. You have no idea how severe the water retention on my feet was. Before this, with every touch came an Ouch, and now, I get to enjoy what it means when people say they went for a relaxing massage. Get one today and feel it for yourself!

6. Ice cream
They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream which is pretty much the same thing! My little brother, Travis Goh owns Apiary @ 84 Neil Road, 088844. It is a small-batch creamery that makes everything from scratch. Don’t blame me when you get addicted and can’t turn to the supermarket brands anymore.

7. Dress up just because
I always say, what if I don’t get to wake up tomorrow? I will make sure to wear that pretty outfit just because I feel like it. There must be a reason why you brought it home in the first place. Don’t wait for that occasion; every day is THE occasion. It is your time to shine!

8. Give yourself permission to do nothing
No ifs, no buts. Word. We all have moments like that, and it is O.K.

9. Show someone else you appreciate them
I just wrote a compliment email to the ladies at the Koufu Outlet on Dawson just because they are friendly and the Kopi-C is super gao! All I am stating is, the world has enough troubles. Be kind when possible, without expectation for what it brings. I just do not want to regret not saying all my thank yous.

10. Watch a TED talk (
Watching these videos has become my fave to-do when I lunch alone in the office. It is incredible how well these people talk, and I do secretly hope that I can do that one day! The more important message is that these TED talks not only inspire, but it also makes me learn something new every time and it always makes so much sense. Like their slogan ” Ideas worth spreading”, may my blog give you that same feeling.

So here it is. (*Imagine me doing a “Ta-dah”) Time to give yourself a big hug, thank your body for being alive and well. Let’s go out there and kick off another power week ahead!