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#SelfloveClub Part 2

While I hoped the first instalment gave you some new thoughts and perspective, with the year still so new and fresh, let me push on and continue sharing away.

1. Passion Vs Reality – As I always say, it is about loving the things you have to do. Life is about choices, and it is all about sucking it up when you make that decision. Be brave and if you’re passionate about something, no matter what, you will excel, you will thrive. That’s the key to real success.

2. Music of all type is necessary – From songs that make you cry to the ones that make you think and then those that make you only want to dance. Make that playlist and push that play button and just go with the flow. I recently discovered frequency music. Check this out It works magically.

3. Declutter – Ever now and then it is healthy to do this in all areas. Time to give away that dress that is hanging in the corner that you know you will not wear and purge that friend list and email folders.

4. Read – I am no bookworm, but I must say that if I haven’t been reading up (from books to those motivational newsletters), where do I get all these ideas to share?

5. Visit your parents – When was the last time you sat down with them and had some quality time? Always remember that while we are leading this busy adult life, they are growing older too. Let’s have no regrets and instead make memories while we can.

6. Lipstick is life – People may stare, but that’s okay, just as the bff said: “ You can’t read their minds and do not always think that they are looking at you negatively. They may be just admiring your beauty”.  Always be that first person to flash that one smile and they will be at peace.

7.  Click more #shamelessselfies – Always make sure that these are for you and not your social media. It’s like the modern if you are happy and you know it, clap your hands. Capture all your happiness, beauty and goofy-ness. Share the joy.

8. Choose who you follow – This is so important these days with us scrolling that newsfeed ever so frequently. I am a believer of this, and I will undoubtedly unfollow or even block what I don’t like to see. It is your wall after all isn’t it? Do check out my social media etiquette article if you want more along these lines.

9. Nature heals – While I am no jungle girl, with my recent retreat to somewhere “kampung” in Kota Tinggi, I truly experienced its wonder. It’s the one thing in the beautiful presence of which even the most talkative person like me feels the need to shut up.

10. Karma is only a bitch if you are – Word. Need I say more? What goes around comes around, and we try our best in this little time we have on earth, shall we?

So here it is. Time to give yourself another big hug, thank your body for being alive and well. Let’s go out there and kick off a power week ahead!