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#SelfloveClub Part 1

They say ~ the root of all suffering is the lack of self-love.  If you do not know how to love yourself, how can you love someone else?

I am a total fan of all these “self-help” quotes and articles. Also, after all these years of spiritual nourishment, I feel that it is time for me to share some things that I swear by to add on to your self-care routine.

Some have said that I am the most positive person they have seen or they feel that I am all so confident. The truth is, I have a dark side (low self-esteem, mood swings, addictions and the list goes on). Self-love is one big thing that I am putting a lot of work on, and I just wanted to assure you that you are not alone. Let’s all work together and be that little more understanding that we are all fighting our battles.

Frankly, without these things, I would have been long gone (not overly dramatic), but the truth is, there were terrible things that have happened to me too, and I have walked out of it and is living well. So you, my friend, can, likewise.

Here’s one big virtual hug all round and a big warm welcome to the self-love club! I will be listing out ten tips every shot and be adding on when I collect some new ideas, so do look out for these posts and feel free to share with me what do you for that little more of self-love!

1. Be kind to yourself – Miss Type A here can score 100 marks for kicking myself too hard all the time. Let’s all learn to quit this bad habit once and for all!

2. Treat Yo self – This popular phrase in the urban dictionary always works. You deserve the best and there is no need to wait for someone else to do things for you all the time. It is time to take yourself out there and do whatever you want! Mai tu liao.

3. Spend time with your crew – Always surround yourself with positive energy and purge those toxic people far away to lala land. Spend time with those who make you forget to check your phone. Live. Love. Laugh.

4. Listen to that inner voice – Pay attention to the thoughts that run through your mind and observe. Let’s all learn to be less reactive and try to choose a different perspective first before acting.

5. Exercise – move that body.  Ride that bike downstairs, drag yourself out for that yoga class or just start that shuai shou gong routine ( in front of the TV. Trust me, these are the things I do, and you will feel and see the difference. My bum seem to have become a bit smaller since I started cycling on the bed before I sleep! We need to treat this body better, it is carrying us around, and if you want to be around for a little longer, it is time to do something.

6. Makan – Eating too much or too little, you know best. Did you know why we have food coma?! It is those carbs I tell you. I am not saying 0 carbs, try cutting it down a notch and cut back those you-know-whatnots and see your body thanking you for it.

7. Express your Creativity – Time to release those pent-up frustrations, and it is by expressing your soul through creativity. I can’t draw or do something artistic but as you can see here, I can write, and it always helps.

8. Drink – water I mean. No need for some science lessons but 3litres a day is a magic number. It is till then that I realise what it means by being thirsty.  My pigmentation improved by leaps and bounds. Need I say more?

9. Sleep – This is the cause of water retention, not the drinking of too much water ok?! 7-8hrs is a must. You can’t clear sleep debt, but you sure can start planning your day and try your best to hit that “target”. 

10. Mindfulness – be in the now. The present moment they always say. Letting that breath out and that moment has passed. Let it go. Live and let live.

So here it is for round one. Give yourself a big hug, thank your body for being alive and well. Let’s go out there and kick off a power week ahead!