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Review of Eile Goh

It seems like everyone enjoys reading reviews of food places, cosmetics and gadgets ( Evidence shows that I enjoyed the most likes on posts when I write reviews). While they say, life is like a book, when was the last time we review this book?

review /rɪˈvjuː/

1.  a formal assessment of something with the intention of instituting change if necessary.

2. a critical appraisal of a book, play, film, etc. published in a newspaper or magazine.

The dictionary says that review is a noun. I take it more as a verb. A regular action that we need to do and with that critical appraisal of oneself continually, we can then do a formal assessment and institute change. Chim much?

If life is a book, these 36 pages have been fascinating. With 14,000 days gone and the upcoming 14,000  unknown days ahead, I know it is about time to realign and share my thoughts and shoot this out to the universe. May it bring some inspiration and bring us closer. After all, the journey consists of everyone we meet as well!

The earlier chapters seem like a blur now. There are times that the mistakes, memories of old flames and the crazy past comes and visit me. It often happens when I close my eyes and prepare to go to dreamland. Honestly, without those chapters, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Then again, enough of the past, we don’t live there anymore! Next page, please. If not, we will never know what is in store.

IMHO, a review without an action plan to change is a waste of time. If you were looking for some storytelling reminiscing the past, this is the wrong article you are reading. While we can acknowledge what went wrong and what went right, it is time to make some decisions, move forward and live well. To me, living well consists a lot of living in the present moment. While we wonder if the flowers we bought will last, why not choose the most magnificent of blooms and enjoy it. While we are at that, put forth a big smile and appreciate everything that comes and let’s all put our positive shades on.

In the upcoming chapters of my life, I would like to write an epic story. *Cue “I did it my way”!*  Watch me give my best for everything. It will be a balancing dance with work, family, friends and the many new experiences and people that we are about to meet. All smacked with a big smile while I am doing so.

*Bonus Review Item*

With June being such a great month of reviews, I believe we need to relook into your goals to even begin with. Following is how I work on my resolutions every year and actually; I don’t even plan for numbers since some years ago. I know I have to do my best and everything will fall into place.

For work  – Working towards to wrapping up everyone’s planning in these ten years as we all gloriously push forth to our financial freedom.

For family and friends – Keeping that kampung spirit going. Care and love more. 

For health – Being active EVERY single day.

For spirituality – To work on meditation and volunteering.

In general – Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Hope you have felt those positive vibes rippling your way. Always remember, you are your own author, and everything will be ok. If it is not ok, it is not the end!