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Read this when you panic at the disco!

It is moments like this that define us, and you can honestly see what you are made of. Are you just going to crash and burn or emerge out of it glorious? When the panic strikes, everything seems so complicated. I wouldn’t say that I totally understand what you are going through, but I just want you to know that you are not alone.

For a job like mine, these feelings are all too familiar. While you see that so-called confident face smiling at you through the screens, there is actually so much madness in my head. Only the closest friends will know, but then again, I am also known for being able to get out of it fast enough. We are talking about the speed of walking home from the train station full of thoughts and when I opened up my door, I know I have got it out of my system.  And it was at the same moment that I know I had to write this piece. This is probably the most detailed answer to that question that they always ask me during those talks and sharing sessions aka “What makes you go on?!”

Year on year, our targets turn back to 0 on 1st Jan, and we start all over again. With this training, it has made me a humbler person because I use the same concept to look at everything. What if we lose everything one day and start again. I know it is all talk and so easy to say. Perhaps by even daring to think and say this and making preparations is better than being ignorant about the whole concept of impermanence.

At the end of the day, what does the worry boil down to? Mine today was about going the next level of targets and wanting to achieve more. Where to find new clients? Every day, for the past 15 years, this is on my mind, but you know, every year, things work out. Over the past few months, the word mission has been ringing up too much that I can’t ignore. For me, it is about bringing significance to the people around me.  From there, success will be a side effect.  What about you? Have you thought about your mission? 

As I pat my chest and tell myself all is well, I took a look around, and I counted my blessings.  Actually, there is only this much we need isn’t it? I took the train home, and I am making dinner at home. How much will it all cost?  I am not saying that we should not strive for excellence, but I am asking you to be brave. To be braver especially when things are on the down. Then again, always remember that when one is at the down-est, the only way is up.  You still have this healthy body to kick ass. Have I covered all angles? Everything will be ok.

At the end of the day, we are not our work. We are not the positions and ranks we hold nor the amount of money we make. We are fellow humans in this place we call earth. What are we doing to help make this a better place?  My take is to spread love, and a good start is with family. To take care of business at home and also bring joy to the ones we say we love is paramount and with all that settled, good will come.

You have no idea how therapeutic writing this is, and I take this blogging as a hobby with benefit. The benefit of being able to share the love I have and giving you a piece of me no matter where you are. I hope this gave you a little time to breathe and to let you know that you are not alone.  Brave on and disco!