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Ngoh Heong – A tribute to my Grandpa

When we were growing up, seeing ah gong make these, it means that it is celebration time. This remains a permanent memory of something that represents happy times.

I grew up with my grandparents, and they took outstanding care of me, as you can see from my body shape. Round is a shape ok. They are also my confidants and always help me hide and cover up my delinquent tracks in those younger years.

Ah gong lost his arm to an accident when he was much younger, but everything is business as usual for him. From writing 4d to even opening cans. He was the real du bi xia, his friends at the coffee shop used to call him that.

Ah gong is not only the chef in da house, but he also does the marketing too, and we get to order what we want for breakfast anytime. At the same time, ah gong is the one who will wake us up for school and because his clock is always 15 min earlier, we will always wake up in a shock and but we are actually still in time. I still don’t understand why we still fall into this trick every single day.

Ever since I moved out, the survival skills of cooking kicked in like a natural instinct and making ah gong signature dishes like cabbage rice, and loh bak has always been my pride and joy.

Coming back to this signature dish, everything is agar agar as with all traditional cooking.

We need minced pork, minced prawns, diced fresh water chestnuts, spring onions, thinly sliced carrots. For seasoning, it is just black sesame oil, light soya sauce and pepper.  Mix everything up and start wrapping. Open up the beancurd skin on a flat surface,  take a spoon, scoop out the mixture and make a line, not too much and not too little. To wrap, you need this wrap and push in technique to make sure it is nice and tight. After a few rolls, u cut and trim the ends so it will not be too salty. From here, it is time to deep fry until golden brown and serve.

Here it is, my tribute to my favourite person in the world. Thank you ah gong. I miss you.

P.s: With these series comes many more as le hubby endeavour into the world of videography. Watch this space as we continue to articulate our heart to the world through his lens. Feel free to contact us if you have an intense story to tell, we would be most happy to help!