Eile Goh

Representing Prudential Assurance Company Singapore
Enabling Transformations with HEART
MFC • Author Edu-preneur • Coach • Foodie
Founder of Daaamn Good Pte Ltd, helping people live their best lives with meaningful collaborations.


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Love the heart session and the part about using heart to really do our work! Love how Eile has an environment of safe space in her workshop so it encourages more authentic sharing without any fear.

Sheree Ang

Eile shares from her heart and her own experiences. This was a workshop that made me both laugh and cry (in a touching way). It’s inspiring how Eile lives her life to the fullest and brings out her best self intentionally. I attended the workshop to learn skills, but I walk away with something better — be my best self. 

Vera Koh

I felt the authenticity in Eile;
how she wants to genuinely help the people around her. She is very on the ball, quick to adapt and apply, and most importantly very consistent. She does not shy away from technology and keeps herself up to date with the latest trends. I really respect her drive; she has such a clear purpose in life. 

Rachelle Ling

Eile has empathy, is caring and really show concern to your client/friend. 

Shirley Sim

The biggest takeaway I had today was in my scheduling. Being a heart person, I didn’t realise how much I did not heart (care) for myself enough by not scheduling a off day?! Really an authentic look into my schedule to rethink everything I’ve been doing (and not doing). Perhaps there could be a more efficient, productive way to take action and Eile gives me that kind of courage.


Thank you foe keeping it very real – honesty is so underrated these days which makes you all the more special, you rare gem! You are one of the most open-hearted, genuine and self-assured human I know, and that is exactly why people are drawn to you. Keep sparkling!  


It’s great to have you around as I trust that you will take good care of the necessary process for the insurance when in need.

Jennifer Wong

Eile has been very helpful and professional in explaining and helps you understanding what the future might be. Unforeseen circumstances might happen and how to if that time were to come. 

Sally Ang

Your straightforward and ‘no excuse’ personality makes you a genuine mentor whom I know you will care for the people you work with. Your care and concern are the main factors that I know this mentorship will not be based on transactional but more relational.

Lynn Zhi

Trustworthy, kindness and care given to me and my family! Always knows that I can count on you to ensure that our family members are all protected well from unforeseen circumstances.

Serene Cheng

Understanding and lend a listening ear to people. As such Eile is able to give considerations to individuals’ needs, whose insurance policies are personalised instead of mass customised. Sensitive to others and give professional advice to meet clients needs holistically.

Judy Ng