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A typical day of my Yoga Teacher

Whenever you see me type “Joy in the body and Peace in the heart”, I want you to know that I wish that upon you that and I got this line from this incredible person that I got to know since last year. His name is Nithya Priyan, and he is the Lead Trainer And Founder Of The Nithya Priyan School Of Yoga.

As I have promised to bring you a slice of life from all the people that I see, here’s an interview with Priyan and I hope it gives you some insight and inspiration today!

What is a typical day of yours like?

I wake up in the morning and head off to my School to conduct the morning Yoga classes that start at 7 am.

There is usually a small gap in the teaching schedule which affords me time to visit My favourite Temple – Buddha Tooth Relic Temple – for meditation in the Relic chamber. Then I return to School to teach the late morning and afternoon classes.

I break my fast (I do intermittent fasting) with lunch with my wife, and I spend the afternoon resting, practising yoga and working on school-related projects. Then it’s time to head to school again in the evening to conduct the evening sessions.

Dinner with my wife is usually at 10 pm following the last class, and we finish the day by meditating together.

Your journey

In my late thirties, I was experiencing increasingly intense periods of deep depression that came from a persistent feeling that my life was not headed in the right direction. This led me into a period of increased withdrawal from work and friends, which lasted for several years until in 2008 I chanced upon a Guru teaching meditation and yoga on YouTube.

This started my fascination with meditation and spirituality and led me on a journey where I spent several months in India travelling on a budget and seeking the myriad of spiritual teachers, places and experiences available.

I finally chanced upon and attended one of S N Goenka’s 10 Day Vipassana Retreats in Igatpuri, and the result of the remarkable ten days of silence and meditation was that I became a Vipassana meditator ever since.

Shortly after, I began adding to the practice by learning Hatha and Tantric Yoga in Thailand, with the intention of supporting my meditation practice.

10 years later and I have experienced a remarkable transformation in body and mind, and my life journey has taken a turn for the remarkable.

I am ever grateful for the guidance of all my teachers and hope that my actions now will be of benefit to all sentient beings.

Any advice for everyone

We all aspire to be the source of positivity in the world. The most obvious way of engaging in some cause or activity or trying to change the circumstances we think are not beneficial might not be the best way forward.

We need to start with ourselves instead. We need to turn inward to bring attention to our drives and volitions and our habit patterns. Our inward journey needs to be sincere and honest. Only then will the work reveal itself.

Only when we begin to purify ourselves can we finally start becoming a source of positivity for the benefit of those around us.


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I don’t know if you have felt the words speaking to you, but it brought some deep thoughts for reflection for me. While we wow at that “contortionist” poses that our yoga gurus can perform, always remember that the person took so long to practise to this perfection.

Being a business owner myself, while it looks like all glitz and glamour, who knew of those long working hours? We all have a story to tell and let’s all learn to rejoice the success of others and work towards being that positive light to self and all!