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A typical day of my hairdresser

This is the one person that you will frequently visit (especially those with short hair). For me, it is a monthly affair, and it is something that I totally enjoy. Walking out with a new look brings a smile to my face, and it is my secret hobby (if there is such a thing.)

They say, invest in your hair because that is the crown you never take off.  I had done up my hair so much that many have told me on the side that they thought I was a hairdresser when they first met me. Looking at the work I put my dear friend through, I guess I better keep my day job!

Here’s introducing my very creative friend – Chester Wong, Creative Director of Hair Philosophy! Besides the chit-chatting, asking for water and magazines, do you know what else goes on? Hope this brings you some inspiration and light when you visit your hairdresser the next time!

P.s: This was an interview we did when I was waiting for the bleach to strip off my natural hair colour! *Check out my new look in the picture below!*

Typical day

When I come in, I will look at the appointment roster for everyone, check stocks and work on clients. Besides the usual operations of the salon, I also meet with product companies and work on collaborations. Time is also put aside to look at the team’s work to assess and appraise on the go.

Personal believes

I always strive to do the best for two things- consistency and innovation.

If the client wants to repeat his or her look, it will be all about consistency.  The ability to replicate is crucial, and it is an art in itself.  For clients who always want something new, you must work on creativity and innovate. These two points are the testament of a hair dresser’s ability. Looking at fashion (on the whole) is also vital as it is the one thing that brings about the whole look and it is always through the big fashion capitals that these trends trickle down to us. It is essential to continually be updated.

Any advice

Suitability doesn’t mean that there is only one style. It is really about a personality match, proportions, colour, texture and how much you can do for yourself. There is always another outlook, but it can still enhance you! The range of style is also dependant on how willing the wearer is able to step out of their presumed comfort zone.

Do check out @hairphilosophysg on Instagram for more.

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While this wraps up another beautiful piece with the blessings of another dear friend,  it is always with the sole motivation to inspire and to shed love and light all around. If you are keen to be featured, please feel free to shout out. Looking forward to many more meaningful collaborations!