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A typical day of an Undergraduate

For someone who hasn’t experienced the school life in a million years, it was refreshing to speak in depth with my favourite little sister and have a peek at what happens in Coco’s day. She is now doing her Bachelor in Real Estate (Hons) in NUS and here’s her story.

In summary, it looks like a start-at-9 am-but-neverending day. Coco is staying in the hostel so, in a way, she never leaves the school, from Mondays to Fridays (imagine staying in your office!) She gets up early, washes up, goes for lessons, do tutorials, have online discussions, attend project work meetings, have meals in between and repeats. Sounds mundane?  The exciting part lies with the hall activities that make the whole experience “oh-so-happening!”

While the Hall Life brings convenience and lots of bonding, one has lots to do as it is like a passport to get you to stay for the next year. Now, we talk about the Hall CCA time which varies from sports, cultural groups and one can be in a committee of sorts too. Coco is a block committee member, and she is also with the Shears Production (helping with the stage) and plays netball (2 times a week from 6-8pm). Meetings of the groups she participates in usually start at 11 am and end at 1 am. There was once; she had a meeting from 1am-3am! Talk about working over-time!

If we think adulting is no fun, just hearing how her day goes take the breath out of me. It is not like those movies that we see where it is all fun and games and from what I understand from Coco, work does get tiring too (tell me about it!). What she continued saying wow-ed me though. She said that all these experiences are helping her get prepared for work-life. How mature is that?! I was trying to remember what I was doing when I was her age, and it seems like I was still partying away.

One advice for everyone from this dearie was on time management. She added that one would have to learn to be humble, learn how to work with people and learn to say no to peer pressure, if not you will drown!

This piece brings me to a place that I can witness so clearly that advice is indeed everywhere if we want to see it. It doesn`t matter regarding age or who you are, and if we are willing to ask and learn, big things can happen within. 

With this, here’s me reflecting on my work week ahead and planning not to drown in it! Shout out if you have something to share and we can go for coffee soon!