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7 simple (but important) things to remember about your beauty regime according to Eile Goh

This topic might not be your “thing”, but since you clicked on this article, there is something in there that shows me that you do care and I am hoping to shed some light and share some quick tips.

Dressing up and looking fabulous sure makes one feel good! I can attest to that as I feed on this energy every day and that is what also motivates me to wake up, dress up and never give up. I meet a minimum of 3 clients a day, not forgetting going to the office, temple, at the restaurants and blah, you do the math, think about the exposure! I am sure the math justify that we better make some effort.

I may look confident, but truthfully, I am also a work in progress. I still ask the classic “Do I look fat in this?” (All the time! )You can verify that with my husband or the gang of bffs. Damn those thoughts of insecurity, why care what people have to say; you might advise, but the fact is we do care, and it is ok to admit it but remember not to be obsessed!

Always remember that we are all beautiful in our own right and I have this firm belief that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.  Trust me, I am not the type that takes forever creating that “look”. I am so “chop chop” that my bff once said to me in the loo, I am damn fast at everything even at peeing! Without further ado, Here are the Seven simple(but relevant) things to remember about your beauty regime.

  1. Allocate a “ME” day

The dictionary defines beauty as a combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. While we want to see that in us,  it is high time to pay some attention to make things beautiful. I have a day every week to do up little things to pamper myself. From scrubbing from head to toe or just doing anything to make yourself happy. This would build the foundation for your regime. A good painting needs a nice canvas right? You get my drift.

  1. In the morning

What happens when I get up? I walk to my table, pop by vitamins with my eyes half closed and step into the shower. After that, put on my clothes, splash toner on my face, and while waiting for that to dry, I go to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee. After which, I walk back to my dressing room, and dab sunscreen on five spots (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin) then spread all over and start off my makeup. When I say “makeup”, all I do is the application of a kickass foundation that lasts all day and then my blusher and highlighter. Lipstick is done after breakfast just as I head out and all in; this is in less than 10 minutes flat! Tell me about having no time.

  1. Taking shortcuts

I am all about making my regime efficient and I a firm believer in investing towards things that bring me convenience. First up, take up a class from a makeup maestro and you will have no more troubles about what to apply on where and it will all be settled. Pm me if you need someone, I can hit you up right away. Next up, some semi-permanent things that will help aid the process. For me, it will be my brow embroidery and also my lash extensions. You have no idea how much faster you can be with these done up. Watch out for my reviews and revelations soon.

  1. During the day

With this humidity, do how I keep things looking fresh? I used to have these packs of blotting paper or even some 2-way cake to touch up but not anymore! First up, I don’t sweat as much as I used to after losing the weight (apparently you don’t heat up as quickly) so I don’t melt as much. Secondly, I have found some magic superpower foundation, and my current beau will be the YSL all hours liquid foundation. For lips, I am a sucker for all things long lasting so throw me anything with that printed, and I will try. It is such a mess if you start eating and everything smudges. I am into nude colours these days ( so the mayhem is minimised) but my go-to for those killer red lips will be my trustworthy Mac liquid lipstick. Most importantly, please drink loads of water, just in case I forgot to tell you, it is one key thing to do for losing that weight. 3liters a day my friends, you will see a significant difference even with the lightening of spots.

  1. When night falls

Needless to say, it is time to wash up and clean up. From micellar water to oil-based makeup removers, I have tried them all. These days, all the drugstore brands do good work so fret not. After applying a pump to my palm, I rub it all over and hit the shower with a facial wash. Too slip shot it may seem and perhaps, that is why I don’t apply thick layers and that once a week scrubbing day is essential.

  1. Bff forever

These are the people that I snap pictures and send them in the morning to double check if I look like a Kuku when I have that new outfit or some weird looking lip colour on. These are also the people that tell you the truth when you look salah or just simply divine. Hold them close, and I am always thankful for my fellow fashionistas who never fail me. Love you girls, always.

  1. It is all from within

When we say beauty, it is still an inside job. I still believe it should always radiate from within. A healthy body and mind is already a significant reason to be happy!  There will always be days when we feel less of ourselves, but there will still be a reason to suck it up and stand tall. Dress up, makeup and never give up!

Hope I’ve given you a ray of hope that it is not that tough after all. Share away if you loved this article. Stay fabulous always!